Showin' the GOOD the BAD the UGLY!
Want to know more about me? well its a secret. shhhh!
I'm beyond normal.....
Faithful fan of Les twins.
I only have 2 wishes due to tumblr:
1. Run around in a ninja outfit!
2. design things for the twins!
I have a lot of fan art of Les twins coming out.
And I really love just helping out.
most...all my post are about the twins. to be clear the fan art I create of the twins and MY thoughts, comments, opinions, and experience with them. occasionally(all the time!) I'll pass on news! and I will eventually start posting other fan art of them.
stop by and leave a message!

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Oh no….

they found my old LT stufff…. 

my phone wont stop ringing….



Mom.. Dad…. I’m dating sonic the hedgehog..

The bible said Adam and Eve not Adam and Speed.

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What a beautiful afternoon to sit in my yard and drink a milkshake

The boys…


They have arrived….


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