Showin' the GOOD the BAD the UGLY!
Want to know more about me? well its a secret. shhhh!
I'm beyond normal.....
I STARTED as a fan of Les twins on tumblr. most of my stuff was dedicated to them but 4 years later and it's time to dedicate things to me~

I have a lot of fan art of Les Twins
I really love just helping out.
I wanna be someone!
I fell in love with a mo- ask about it...
I wanna inspire and create
I wanna work on my self image in and out!
I'm not girly... well... its hard!
I love Yeezy...
stop by and leave a message!

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THIS IS REAL!!!!!! if u do not reblog in 10 seconds u will be visited by these  

s k e l l i n g t o n s  at midnight tonight!! don’t even risk it!1


As the skeleton lord, I can officially say that we are not fucking around. We ain’t no fuckboys

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