Showin' the GOOD the BAD the UGLY!
Want to know more about me? well its a secret. shhhh!
I'm beyond normal.....
I STARTED as a fan of Les twins on tumblr. most of my stuff was dedicated to them but 4 years later and it's time to dedicate things to me~

I have a lot of fan art of Les Twins
I really love just helping out.
I wanna be someone!
I fell in love with a mo- ask about it...
I wanna inspire and create
I wanna work on my self image in and out!
I'm not girly... well... its hard!
I love Yeezy...
stop by and leave a message!

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One day I’ll work up courage to be the chaser. And on that same day I’ll get what I want.
Second time I met someone interesting and just let them walk in and out my life.


Dear fitblrs!

I need your help!

I have messaged some of you… still waiting on a reply…

I seriously need help…

I have to change this body of mine. and I need help… I WANT help.

I am honestly asking for you guys to be my inspiration and help me start to get fit. However, following your blog isn’t enough. I need the tough love and support! and I don’t have that much from Fam and friends really. I’m not saying their evil but they don’t wake up and feel my pain when I try to do activities or just look at the mirror or worse… try on clothes. 

Now here’s the challenge, I got 2 months away from everyone. I wanna do my best and do as much as I can to do some weight loss and maybe get a little muscle or something.I wont stop after these  months, But this will be the time I’m away from distraction. I’m not one of those people that wanna lose 50 pounds in that short amount of time, I’ve done my research. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still attempt it though… haha!

 The second half of the challenge is I am restrict with much cardio because I have a bad knee.  A  recent increase in weight I have picked up is cause of the knee. So i need creative workouts that wont hurt my knee. 

I would love to give the specs of myself , but here’s the third challenge. I am self conscious. I don’t wanna put that part up yet. Still, I am VERY serious about getting the help. so please understand, I’m not pulling a leg. I will really work hard! It’s not a joke! and I am tired of being ignored when I ask for help! 

If you wanna say something like your perfect how you are, perfect shouldn’t be having muscle spasms and stomach problems so much.  perfect shouldn’t be exhausted from walking up a flight of stairs! 

If your gonna be even worse and say get a personal trainer, I would gladly do so if I had the funds. oh! let me tell you about the attempt of the ” ill train you for free” they ended up focusing on themselves the whole time.

and if you say just start running and eat right. I’ve done some research. and I actually eat pretty simple. veggie bit of protein stuff.  and I can’t run on a bad knee. just a reminder…. 

If anyone is still interested in assisting with me making a change please message me. You don’t have to follow me. I just need some serious support and advice. Just know you might be really changing someones life, saving it… something…